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5 key takeaways from 365 straight days of posting on LinkedIn (and why it’s time for a reassessment).

1. Authentic Blueprint Communication:

  • Each of my LinkedIn posts was an expression of my Blueprint (ask me more about how I can help you with this).
  • It wasn’t about selling, but about revealing who I am and what I stand for.
  • This approach enabled me to connect with individuals who resonate with who I am, not just the services I offer.

2. Value Beyond Numbers:

  • While my audience didn’t grow as anticipated, my primary aim was to attract those genuinely aligned with my Blueprint.
  • Engaging with these individuals has been meaningful.

3. Foundation for Growth:

  • 365 days of writing have given me a robust content foundation.
  • This wealth of content is paving the way for ventures like my upcoming online course.
  • It also serves as a central hub for my assistant to repurpose content, enriching my blog and newsletters.

4. Reflective Learning Journey:

  • Writing daily has been more than content creation—it’s been a journey of reflection and learning.
  • Each post became an opportunity to weave new learnings with previous thinking, fostering personal development.

5. Evolution & Future Focus:

  • As I continue to align life with my Blueprint, the focus of my content evolves, but its core remains true to my beliefs.
  • While daily posting on LinkedIn has been rewarding, it’s time to reassess and ensure continued alignment with my Blueprint.

Consistent content creators: What invaluable lessons have you learned from your journey?

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