February 16, 2024 - By: Brandon Jenkins

Drawing of a person juggling items including a violin, paintbrush, computer, and thread. Passion.

Do you fear what others would think of you pursuing passions outside of work?

Experimenting with outside interests taught me they’re not only beneficial for me.

They’re also valuable for my employer:

  • Diving into diverse activities enriches my perspective.
  • Amplifying my contributions across the board.
  • The skills and insights gained in one area bolster my performance in another.

Coaching was key to realizing that these parallel paths could not only coexist but thrive.

What fears hold you back from exploring interests and ventures beyond your 9-to-5?

Ever realized that what makes you different is actually your greatest strength?

Uncovering my Blueprint opened my eyes:

  • My values, passions, and skills aren’t universal.
  • They’re uniquely mine.

Realizing this has been liberating:

  • Embracing my uniqueness to carve my path.
  • Aligning my life to what matters most to me.

It’s a celebration of individuality, mine and everyone’s.

How has embracing your uniqueness and passion shaped your path?

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