Statue of Marcus Aurelius on horse.

Have you ever faced self-doubt when confronted with a life-altering opportunity?

Marcus Aurelius, upon learning of his planned adoption by Antoninus Pius and succession to the throne, was initially overwhelmed with uncertainty.

However, a symbolic dream the night before his coronation in 161 A.D. instilled in him a sense of strength and potential he hadn’t recognized before.

This newfound perspective enabled him to fulfill his destiny, revealing a resilience he hadn’t realized he possessed.

Marcus’s journey serves as a compelling reminder: our true purpose often transcends the pursuit of:

  • Wealth
  • Power
  • Legacy

Like Marcus, we should strive to uncover and embrace our unique purpose—our Blueprint.

But how can we discover what we were put here to do?

You tap into your Blueprint without even realizing it:

  • It’s there in the small, seemingly insignificant moments of your daily interactions.
  • It guides how and why you make the decisions you do.
  • It reveals itself in what sparks your enthusiasm, and in what leaves you indifferent.

Now, imagine consciously harnessing this insight.

What impact would gaining this level of clarity about your Blueprint have on your life and your choices? What would it be worth to you?

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