November 25, 2022 - By: Brandon Jenkins

You don’t need life insurance to leave behind a legacy. Why?

Legacy isn’t about:

• You
• Money
• Arrogance

It’s not about making others think that you were some great person and did all this amazing stuff while you were alive.

Legacy is about:

• Making others better
• Caring for your loved ones
• Humility

Leaving a legacy is about caring for the ones you love and ensuring they are in a better place because of your actions. If you want to leave that kind of legacy, reflect on these questions:

• What do you do for the ones you care about most?
• How would your family, friends, and teammates describe you to your biographer?
• What are the differences between you at work and outside of work? How can you shrink that gap?
• Besides money, what do you want to leave behind for your family?

This reflection makes you stronger and helps you focus your actions. By strengthening yourself and improving, you can put into place the foundation to help others long after you’re gone. What other questions might you reflect on to help shape your legacy?

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