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Brandon Jenkins

 CLU® | ChFC® | Founder

I help growth-minded investors and entrepreneurs dedicated to personal development build resilience with whole life insurance.

To lift your teammates up, you have to start with yourself.

I believe in strong teams, lifelong learning, continual growth, and focusing on the things I can control.

I take action every day in line with those principles to build my resilience and help my teammates get stronger.

The same principles apply to personal finance.

The way to build real wealth and allow you to help your teammates and more people, in general, is to incorporate resiliency into your financial strategy.

10 years ago, I couldn’t afford a $40,000 down payment for a real estate investment even though I’d been contributing to my retirement accounts for a decade.

I kept thinking there had to be a better way, and my inability to invest in other opportunities frustrated me.

A friend recommended I read Becoming Your Own Banker by R. Nelson Nash.

Two quotes from the book blew me away: “You finance everything you buy” and “Your need for financing throughout life is greater than your need for a death benefit.”

I worked with an Authorized IBC Practitioner to set up my first dividend-paying, whole life insurance policy.

I have since used my policies to finance the down payment on multiple residential real estate purchases, invest as an LP in 200+ units, act as a private lender, and start a business.

I help my teammates implement Infinite Banking to build a resilient strategy that can handle the volatility and uncertainty of the markets.

It provides a framework for decision-making that incorporates the core principles of risk, control, guarantees, and access to capital.

Please reach out if it sounds like we would make a good team.