January 19, 2024 - By: Brandon Jenkins

Microphone with desk and red light in background. Speaking your truth.

Are you speaking your truth so loudly that your tribe can hear you?

Fulfilling moments arise when we connect with ‘our people,’ those we’re here to help.

How do you communicate your authentic Blueprint, letting them know you exist?

Consider this:

1. Your Blueprint is the combination of your core values, purpose, passions, skills and cause.

  • Are you showcasing these when you communicate?

2. When you align your communication with your Blueprint, you resonate with the right people.

  •  They not only hear you; they feel you.

3. Often, we miss connecting with our tribe because we aren’t fully expressing our true selves.

  •  It’s not about being louder; it’s about being truer.

Embrace and communicate your unique Blueprint.

You’re sending out a beacon for your people to find you.

What steps will you take today to make your authentic self visible to your tribe? Begin speaking your truth this year.

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