Why does where you store money matter more than picking great investments?

I’d be much better off had I known the answer 20 years ago. I would have:

  • Kept more of what I earned
  • Had alternate financing sources
  • Been ready for more opportunities

I would have been more resilient.

How much thought do you put into where you store capital? Do you feel the need to label your money storage assets?

Do you know what I mean? Here are 3 examples:

  1. This one is for the kids’ college (529).
  2. This one is for retirement (401k).
  3. This one is for a new car (money market/cd).

Isn’t it all one source of capital you need to leverage or withdraw to finance your life? Other than tax advantages, which I’m not discounting, why feel the need to apply these labels?

Choosing a money storage asset doesn’t have to be an “either-or” decision.

It never seemed right – relinquishing so much control – and putting all of my assets to my retirement accounts. For years, I did it anyway until I finally made a change.

Now I store money in whole life insurance, giving me:

  • guaranteed cash value growth
  • protection against market volatility
  • access to cash value via leverage

Storing money like this empowers me to adapt to changing circumstances.

I’ve leveraged my cash values for:

  • private lending
  • down payments on rental properties
  • funding limited partnership interests

I can store money in a way to protect it, grow it, AND leverage it for other investments and opportunities.

How might this shift in mindset open up more possibilities?

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