Image is of a magnifying glass, held by a hand, looking at a cityscape. Author Brandon Jenkins writes about uncovering your core.

Have you ever read something and thought, wow, that’s powerful?

Happened to me one morning (it happens to me a lot, actually).

This quote right here:

If you know what you believe and why you believe it, you’ll avoid poisonous relationships, toxic jobs, fair-weather friends, and any number of ills that afflict people who haven’t thought through their deepest concerns.”  The Daily Stoic, April 30.

Here’s why the process of uncovering is so important:

  • It allows you to reflect and sift through everything running through your mind.
  • You begin to see what you believe and why.
  • Seeing what you believe and why empowers you to test it—to make sure it’s real.

Many times what we assume about how the world works isn’t accurate.

It holds us back from growth.

Blueprint Process is about uncovering.

It’s the uncovering of your core.

When you see those core parts of you:

  • You begin to notice them playing out in your life.
  • You begin to make decisions about your life to align with what matters most.
  • You carve your own golden path versus the golden path society tells you to travel (a fallacy).

What would this clarity do for you?

How could this process empower you to author your life?

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