Image of Groundhog Day. Reference to routines stifling growth.

Why your routines might be stifling your growth.

(And what you can do about it).

Routines and habits can be powerful tools to help us grow.

But sometimes, we need a “routine reset:”

  1. Acknowledge Autopilot: Recognize when you’ve been blindly following a set routine.
  2. Shake Things Up: Swap your regular activity with something new.
  3. Reflect: Consider how you feel after making this change.
  4. Decide: Determine whether the old habit should be reintroduced or eliminated.

You’re in control.

You can always add something back in if needed.

Last year, I decided to remove mindfulness from my routine.

I had faithfully practiced for 10 minutes daily and needed to see if its absence would impact me.

It did—significantly.

So, I added it back in.

A routine reset prevents habits from controlling you. It allows for growth.

It gives you a chance to ensure everything is aligned with your Blueprint.

It ensures that you remain the author of your life.

What habit would you consider swapping out in your next routine reset?

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