Financial Planning vs. Financial Harmony

Tier One Life Insurance, we believe in a different approach to financial planning using time-tested principles and strategies that predate the rise of 401k’s and the financial planning industry. The chart below gives an overview of the difference between financial planning and financial harmony.


  • Meets needs & goals
  • Minimizes requirements
  • Product oriented
  • Focused on rate of return
  • Institutions control your money
  • Micro (vacuum) based
  • Net worth is measurement
  • Retirement oriented
  • Lives only on interest
  • Money stays still
  • Dollars do only one job
  • Professional planner is the expert

Financial Harmony

  • Pursues wants & dreams
  • Optimizes opportunities
  • Strategy oriented
  • Focused on recovering opportunity cost
  • You control your money
  • Macro (big picture) based
  • Cash flow is measurement
  • Abundant/Freedom oriented
  • Spends and replaces principle
  • Money moves
  • Dollars do many jobs
  • Clients are empowered

Asset Tiers


At Tier One Life Insurance, we believe the way to building real wealth is to first focus on growing and protecting our Tier One Assets, which include: our unique talents, the ability to create value and earn an income, and the money desired to support our dreams and all of life’s opportunities. Tier One Assets form the foundation of financial strength necessary to build and sustain real wealth. They should be protected against loss and placed in an environment of uninterrupted growth and stability. They should be there when you need them most…Guaranteed.

Margalo Eden

     “Brandon (Jenkins) is awesome! His knowledge is thorough, he patiently explained the detailed workings of the product we were interested in buying, and he's shown himself to be trustworthy and attentive, with excellent follow-through and follow-up. I've already recommended him to several friends, and will continue to do so. ”

Amy Biddle

“Brandon Jenkins is a fantastic guy to have on our team! I always have 800 questions every time I talk with him, but he patiently answers. We've worked with Brandon on a couple of different policies. He's not only knowledgable, sets us up with exactly what we need, but he's also a great resource... he's shared his network and other related knowledge. Our lives are definitely better for knowing and working with Brandon.”

Andy Stansfield

“I'm a life insurance agent myself and have been for several years, but when it comes to working with the specialized policies and the Infinite Banking Concept I couldn't have found a more knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly advisor than Brandon at Tier One. Not only that but he is also extremely organized and on the ball. He gets back to you with well crafted and thoughtful answers to all questions and concerns. Truly a top notch professional in this industry. I look forward to working with him for years to come.”

Marc Wheeler

“Brandon Jenkins is exactly the kind of person you'd want to help you with important life decisions. Brandon listened to my goals, and over the course of several in-depth conversations, helped me determine the best solution to help me achieve those goals. He didn't try to sell me or convince me of anything; Brandon operated solely based on my equities, and then guided me toward a range of solutions. I made my choices based on Brandon's informed and expert guidance, and couldn't be more satisfied. Bandon was the guy who enabled me to achieve peace of mind concerning how my family would be taken care of. ”

Pubbens Clermont

“My overall experience with Brandon Jenkins has been nothing short of amazing. Brandon has been consistently pleasant to interact with and extremely knowledgeable. Anytime I've ever asked him a question, he quickly gets back to me with a response. He also takes his time to respond to all my questions and is extremely detailed. The best decision that me and my wife made was to select Brandon as our advisor. Through our interactions with his services, we feel so much more secure financially. Really happy to have you on our team Brandon, we really appreciate it!”