January 5, 2024 - By: Brandon Jenkins

Author, Brandon Jenkins. New year. Goals.

It’s a new year, and social media is ablaze with goal-setting peer pressure.

If the idea of setting goals makes you cringe, consider this alternative.

Rigid goals can often feel limiting, which is why I advocate for a more flexible approach:

  • Envision where you want to be in the future—by the end of the year, decade, or beyond.
  • Contemplate actions that can influence your desired outcome, rather than trying to control every detail.
  • Act consistently in ways that align with your envisioned future, typically through daily habits or significant next steps.
  • Regularly reassess your path to ensure alignment with your Blueprint and desired direction.

By year’s end, I find myself grown, improved, and educated regardless of specific metrics.

This approach encourages broader thinking and keeps me out of the minutiae, in line with my Blueprint.

How about you?

Do you prefer traditional goal setting, or does this method resonate more with you? Go into your new year with growth in mind.

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