Here are 5 essential ideas about storing money versus investing and why the distinction matters:

  1. Storing is different than investing.•Storing means keeping money in an asset that guarantees it will be there when needed.
    •Investing adds an element of risk compensated by higher expected returns.
  2.  You need to do both, but the order in which you do them matters.By storing first:•You are taking control of your money.
    •You can choose where that money goes.
  3. Choose your storage assets wisely.If you do, your money will be in an environment where it:•is guaranteed
    •grows tax-free
    •does multiple things at once
    •is not volatile
    •is there when you need it
  4. When you store money wisely:•You have options
    •You can flex and pivot when required
    •You have time to analyze investments
    •You are prepared for opportunities when those without access to capital aren’t
  5. I’m not advocating storing all your money and never investing in other assets. Instead, build resilience by:•First, storing capital in a way that builds equity (capital preservation)
    •Then leveraging that capital for opportunities (alternate financing)


  • Storing money is different than investing; you need both
  • You get to choose where to store your money
  • Choose storage assets that provide alternative financing
  • Store money first, then leverage it into opportunities

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