September 2, 2022 - By: Brandon Jenkins

I love scramble formatted golf tournaments. In a scramble, everyone on your team hits. Then, the team picks the best shot, and everyone hits the next ball from there. And on it goes until you get it in the hole. The best scenario is when the first person hits a fantastic shot.

It enables the rest of the players to try riskier shots. By doing that, maybe someone on the team hits it further or puts it closer to the hole. Or, maybe they go for it and come up short. But it’s ok because they already know the worst-case scenario. No matter where the rest hit their ball, the team takes comfort knowing the first shot will play.

Do you see the upside here? Think about that in terms of your financial strategy. Do you first set up a guaranteed, non-volatile place to store your capital? A place where you have access to the value of that capital while it continues to grow and work for you? If so, you can take some calculated risks knowing that you have guarantees backing you up.

Always wanted to start your own business? Wouldn’t you feel better if you already had some capital reserves built up? The number will be different for everyone. Maybe it’s a year, maybe it’s six months. I don’t know; only you can determine that. The point is that guarantees enable you to be bold and courageous.

It allows you to go for your dreams and still be able to sleep at night. It allows you to sustain months of low revenue while you build the business. You’re more resilient. Having guarantees in place allows you to take chances in other areas. Being able to sustain bad shots in golf or those lean months in your business means you can stick with it and keep fighting.

Have you ever been able to take chances because you had guarantees in place?

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