October 14, 2022 - By: Brandon Jenkins

How does truly understanding your long-term vision bring peace?

If you aren’t sure why you are doing something or if it fits in with how you envision yourself, take a pause. Think about it some more before you jump in. If we’re in the middle of the application process for a life insurance policy and a client tells me they’re not sure “how this fits into their long-term goals,” then it’s all stop.

This person would likely set up a policy, only to wonder, 2 years down the road, “Why am I paying such high premiums for a life insurance policy?” That question is the last thing I want my teammates to be asking. This client is not ready and doesn’t understand the policy’s purpose in their overall strategy.

It would likely be more of an impulse purchase rather than a strategic addition of a resilience-building asset to their portfolio. This happened just the other day, and I stopped the application process. I won’t start it again unless my client truly understands how the asset would benefit their long-term vision.

If that never happens, then I know we did a good thing stopping it.

Moral of the story: The most important thing you can do for your life and personal financial strategy is to get clear on your core values. Next, ensure you know how wealth will serve your purpose and align with your core values. Then, base your financial strategy on that. It makes it easier to know whether or not certain assets are the right fit for you.

If there’s any doubt, take a pause. Do more research. Ask more questions. Make sure that the asset is the right fit for you.

Have you ever had those doubts or second thoughts before purchasing an asset? Did further investigation make it clear whether the asset was the right fit for you or not?

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