Buy and Sell options held by a hand

Chasing rates of return? It’s a waste.

You can’t control an investment’s ROR, even with the most painstakingly precise underwriting.

Instead, why not focus on principles you can control?

  • Options
  • Equity
  • Leverage
  • Protection
  • Low volatility
  • Tax efficiency
  • Contractual cash flow
  • Contractual guarantees

And let’s not forget about the principles of:

  • Action
  • Growth
  • Learning
  • Teamwork
  • Mentorship

There’s so much more to think about besides ROR–that’s just the environment we’re raised in.

Believe you can do things differently and challenge the status quo.

Returns don’t matter if you’re not prepared for the unexpected.

Being financially resilient is about more than the numbers.

It’s about adopting a long-term mindset that favors adaptability over ROR:

  • I choose low-risk assets that build equity for most of my capital storage
  • I aim to keep more of what I earn and build alternative financing sources
  • I set conservative reserve targets

What do I mean by low risk?

  • More than guaranteeing the principal
  • It also means my asset values are accessible when I want them

How have you embraced adaptability to strengthen your financial resilience?

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