Do you want someone to tell you what to do with your money or someone to help guide you?

If it’s the former, then I’m not the person for you.

Why choose a guide instead of someone who tells you what to do?

  • A guide provides you with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions about your financial future.
  • When the guide isn’t around, you’ll still know what to do.
  • A guide empowers you to make decisions.

My approach as a guide:

  • I focus on helping you store and preserve your capital to build resilience. This resilience can help save your small business, too!
  • I want you to understand the underlying principles and concepts so you know what to do without me.
  • I practice what I preach and use whole life insurance for my own capital storage and to enhance my investments.

How could whole life insurance save your business?

As a fellow small biz owner, I find it comforting that many successful entrepreneurs have used their policies to keep their companies afloat during tough times.

Take a look at these three inspiring examples:

1. Walt Disney used his policy as collateral to secure a loan and build Disneyland.

2. Ray Kroc leveraged his policy to fund the growth of McDonald’s.

3. J.C. Penney borrowed against his policy to keep his business running during the Great Depression.

These entrepreneurs recognized the importance of using whole life insurance to store capital for resilience and alternative financing.

How important is having a stable source of capital for your business?

How important is it to you to work with a guide who practices what they preach?

Do you have someone on your team helping you with these concepts? If not, please reach out to us at