Lucky Day mug with gold coins scattered around.

Ever wondered if there’s more to creating our own luck than just waiting for good fortune?

Here’s an idea – focus on timely and meaningful actions, and you might find yourself not needing luck as much.

This thought was sparked by a quote from Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius:

You say, good fortune used to meet you at every corner. But the fortunate person is the one who gives themselves a good fortune. And good fortunes are a well-tuned soul, good impulses, and good actions.” – Meditations 5.36

Contemplating his words, here are three actionable ideas:

1. “A well-tuned soul”
• Invest time in personal growth, learn more, stay humble, and keep your emotions in check.

2. “Good impulses”
• Cultivate learning, self-assessment, and self-correction—growth mindset.

3. “Good actions”
• This is what we control—our actions—how we react to events.

There’s wealth in character and actions, as much as there is in finances.

✍🏻 So, how are you creating your good fortune today?

How are you building resilience in life and finances?

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