July 14, 2023 - By: Brandon Jenkins

Brandon's Blueprint, blue with white circles with print words inside.

What makes the origins of the U.S. both inspiring and imperfect?

Take for example the founders.

Flawed as they were, they were visionaries.

They dared to conceive principles and ideals to build something extraordinary.

More importantly, they courageously acted on them.

Was this vision flawlessly implemented from the start?


There were numerous inconsistencies between the ideal and the reality.

But the point is – they started.

From that moment until now, our nation has been an ever-evolving experiment, advancing little by little each day.

Just like our founders, we also have:

  • Dreams
  • Visions
  • Goals

And the key lies:

  • In striving every day to become better
  • In taking action
  • In progressing

We may never fully achieve our ultimate vision, but as long as we’re trying, we’re growing.

It’s not about hitting every goal you set.

It’s about relentless pursuit and consistent growth.

Our founders, though imperfect, set an extraordinary vision for our country – a vision we may never completely realize.

Yet, that’s precisely the point.

It gives us:

  • A goal to better ourselves
  • A direction to progress towards
  • A motivation to overcome differences

It provides the framework to correct past wrongs, and seek justice where there was injustice before.

How do the principles of the U.S. founders resonate with your day-to-day decisions?

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