A black and white image of an American Football play. Author, Brandon Jenkins, writes about leading with a coaching mindset.

What does it really mean to lead with a coaching mindset?

I think of it as believing in every team member’s inherent potential.

Here’s what I mean:

  1. It’s not about giving answers.
  2. It’s about asking the right questions to help your team members develop their insights.
  3. It encourages ownership.
  4. It focuses on each person’s beliefs and capabilities.
  5. It nudges them to take the initiative and steer their growth.
  6. It personalizes their learning.

A coach allows individuals to explore solutions that best fit their unique strengths and challenges.

As a coach, I aim to help unlock each team member’s potential.

I won’t give you the answer.

I help you uncover the best approach for you and your circumstances.

How could embracing a coaching mindset change how your team operates?

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