One Of The Most Important Leadership Lessons I’ve Learned After 19 Years Of Naval Service:

Great leaders focus on personal development and the development of their teammates, and here’s why:

1.  You must know yourself before you can begin to help others. Why?

• It gives you the foundation you need to lead others
• It helps you learn how to learn
• It enables you to develop approaches to solving complex problems
• It allows you to uncover assumptions holding you and your team back
• It enables you to begin helping your teammates develop

2.  The leader of an organization can’t be everywhere at once.

With very few exceptions, gone are the days of one highly charismatic and brilliant leader being able to lead the team to greatness single-handedly.

The best teams consist of leaders at every level who understand:

• the mission
• the left and right limits
• the team values that guide them

They can think critically, uncover problems, and come up with solutions without needing someone else to tell them to do that.

It’s the leader’s job to help everyone on the team adopt this mindset.

3.  It’s not just about helping the team win.

Helping others develop strengthens the team and prepares the individual for life.

Investing in the personal development of your teammates prepares them to live full and satisfying lives.

It prepares them to handle all the stresses of life, not just their job demands.

It’s an actual investment in people and a strong indicator that the organization cares about them and their growth.

That caring creates a sense of belonging and pride.

Who doesn’t want to be on a team like that?

4.  Take your teams to new heights by knowing yourself, committing to lifelong personal development, and helping your teammates do the same.

What’s the #1 leadership lesson you’ve learned from experience? Are you staying connected with your team? Listen to my latest podcast appearance on The Military Millionaire Podcast here.  I share my beliefs about personal development and my core principles.

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