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Ever found yourself questioning the value of paying for expert advice? Ever wondered if the cost is worth the benefit?

I was reminded of this during a recent chat with one of my most trusted advisors.

A trend he noticed got me thinking:

✨ Unlike many investors and small business owners he assists, I see the value in paying for a professional level of expertise.

  1. I don’t haggle or insist on the lowest dollar figure.
  2. I don’t threaten to take my business to an impersonal online legal paperwork factory.
  3. I don’t value immediate cost savings over strengthening our relationship.

This reminds me of a remark Marcus Aurelius makes about his stepfather, Antoninus: “This, in particular: his willingness to yield the floor to experts—in oratory, law, psychology, whatever—and to support them energetically, so that each of them could fulfill his potential.

So, why does this matter?

Just as your financial decisions are about more than chasing the highest rate of return, choosing professionals for your team involves more than securing the cheapest deal.

The bottom line?

You get what you give.

For strong, lasting partnerships that build resilience, we need to shift our focus.

Stop concentrating on how little you can pay and start considering how to foster a team that values more than just the dollars and cents transacted.

Has your perspective on the value of professional expertise been shaped by your experiences?

Has investing in these relationships paid off in the long run?

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