Why is capital preservation critical to long-term financial success?

Not only to preserve capital but to have access to its value.

Preserving capital is vital because it enables me:

  • to have the resources to meet ongoing expenses
  • to invest in future opportunities
  • to handle unplanned events

Without access to capital, I will struggle:

  • to meet current financial obligations
  • to invest in unexpected opportunities
  • to flex when circumstances change

How does this change your thinking about storing money? Speaking of mindset, mindset matters when it comes to protecting your money.

I use life insurance for capital preservation and help others do the same.

Here are 4 examples of my mindset in action:

  1. I think of whole life insurance as a capital preservation asset, not a necessary evil.
  2. I think of paying premiums as building my capital stack, not as an expense.
  3. I focus on using assets for money storage vice seeking the highest return.
  4. I think of whole life insurance and investing as complementary vice an either/or decision.

How many opportunities might you be missing because of your mindset?

It’s worth considering.

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