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6 principles I use to favor financial resilience over explosive growth.

Hitting home runs in finance is exciting, but it’s not sustainable for most.

Focus on resilience and you’ll thrive in any market:

  1. Lean Towards Guarantees: Stability over speculation.
  2. Conservative Growth: It’s not always about the home runs, singles and doubles add up.
  3. Low to Zero Volatility: A smooth ride matters.
  4. The IRR Trade-Off: Willing to take a bit less for a lot more peace of mind.
  5. Stability, Reserves, Resilience: Three pillars that hold up my financial house.
  6. Keeping More: It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep.

Bottom line?

My focus is on building a resilient portfolio, not chasing the next shiny object.

How are you building resilience in your financial strategy?

Let me add 5 key asset considerations to boost your financial resilience.

When it comes to storing money for long-term preservation and resilience, not all assets are created equal.

Common pitfalls with many storage assets:

  • Rules that limit accessibility
  • Exposed to market fluctuations
  • Barriers to borrowing against them
  • Misalignment of ownership interests
  • Tax burdens that nibble away at growth

By being intentional about where we store our money, we craft a financial buffer against life’s curveballs.

How might reevaluating these factors shift your financial perspective? Are you ready to choose financial resilience?

Reach out to me for help:

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  2. Discovering your Blueprint with 1:1 coaching.

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