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How does your mindset have the power to shape your financial success?

Our beliefs drive our behaviors ultimately leading to where we end up in life.

Here are 5 core beliefs I have about finance:

  1. I believe preserving capital and building additional streams of income leads to financial resilience.
  2. I believe I finance everything I buy, whether with cash (opportunity costs) or borrowing (interest).
  3. I believe preserving what I earn is more valuable than chasing returns.
  4. I believe every asset purchase is a decision to store capital in that asset (equity).
  5. I believe there are many financial principles to consider when making asset purchase decisions.

If I move through life, testing those beliefs and find one or more of them to be flawed, I will adjust course.

How do your beliefs dictate your money decisions?

What’s Your Money Mindset?

You can unlock Financial Success through self-awareness! 🧠

Your beliefs, attitudes, and emotions towards money directly influence your financial behavior and impact your success.

That’s why it’s vital to understand your thinking.

3 common money mindsets and consequences:

  1. Scarcity mindset: Viewing money as limited, leading to fear-based decisions.
  2. Abundance mindset: Believing money is plentiful, better but could lead to overconfidence without focus.
  3. Avoidance mindset: Ignoring financial matters altogether, resulting in missed opportunities.

How a growth mindset trumps them all:

  • Embrace challenges
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Adapt to change
  • Seek long-term growth

Adopting a growth mindset makes you more resilient in life, not just finances.

📣 How does your current money mindset impact your life?