December 8, 2023 - By: Brandon Jenkins

Author, Brandon Jenkins, reading a book in a study setting.

Is the familiar path holding you back?

Common sayings like:

  • “This has always worked before.”
  • “We’ve always done it this way.”
  • “I must be doing something right.”

…might be comfort zones limiting our growth.

Progress demands evolving strategies and mindsets.

What worked in the past might not fit the future.

Adaptability is key.

When did you last challenge a familiar long-standing belief or method, and what was the result?

Start with these 3 Key Tips to Enhance Self-Awareness and Transform Your Growth

1. Reflect Regularly

  • Think about your experiences, reactions, and feelings.
  • Doing so can help identify patterns in your thoughts and behaviors.
  • Identifying those patterns leads to clarity of core values.

2. Seek Feedback

  • Gain insight into how others perceive your actions.
  • This reflection offers a unique perspective on your values and how they show up in everyday life.

3. Explore New Experiences

  • Broaden your horizons through travel, new hobbies, and volunteering.
  • These activities challenge your familiar beliefs and help uncover what resonates with you on a deeper level.

Cultivating self-awareness is essential in understanding your Blueprint.

Your Blueprint empowers you to live intentionally and author your own life.

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